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About Us

Ginger is a fashion brand who started in 2014 as a Handmade textil jewerly and accessories brand.

GINGER BOUTIQUE is a Feminine, sweet and chic women`s clothing brand. Our style is the Girly fashion style but at the same time sophisticated and vibrant. An easy way to add splash of color to your wardrobe with our versatile high-quality fashion. Be inspired by fashion again with our intricately designed ready-to-wear line that is both feminine and functional.

We are passionate about fashion and therefore decided evolve as a Women's fashion clothing brand to all women who love wearing very feminine, sweet and vibrant colors, romantic and cute styles. Ginger is all those women who are not fear stand out and very confident.  We love outfits that make you feel sexy but sophisticated and confident at the same time. We work to encourage those women to feel self confident in every piece they wear.

We want to provide you with those dreamy outfits for all your life events! from a weekend with your besties or family to your most special occasions! 

Ginger was founded from a real woman to those fashion real women.  

What Ginger name means?

Who are they?
Super Feminine energy, Sociable, friendly and communicative, Ginger are women very charming, seductive women who are also rather image-conscious. This could be expressed by the way they dress (often with originality) Elegant, refined, accommodating, and she keeps certain distinction, this woman inspires others. Their intense desire to please and be liked is usually expressed through kindness, helpfulness and a conciliatory spirit. They can transform themselves into capable and strong women when necessary, where their personal and professional lives are concerned. Idealists, they are dedicated to quality in every way.